Philipp studied theatre at the University of Exeter, where he received an M.A. and a B.A. Hons with distinction in theatre. He works as a theatre maker and transdisciplinary multimedia artist with playful methods. His work has been curated internationally in over ten countries. He currently lives in Vienna.

His episodic, interactive theatre piece Mum’s The Word was commissioned by the Exeter Fringe Festival. It included pervasive social media elements such as Facebook, e-mails and text messages, as well as the episodic narrative structure we know from TV shows. His most successful work, the street game Weeping Angels, was curated at the Playpublik in Berlin, Playful Arts Festival in Den Bosch, w00t in Copenhagen, Tocatì in Verona, and others. He is co-founder of Play:Vienna, Austria’s first initiative for playful art in public spaces and was on the executive board of Games Austria until 2015. Ehmann is lead game designer at City Games Vienna. 

His production of Peter Turrini’s Rozznjogd at the Volkstheater Wien in 2014/15 was hugely successful and sold out over both runs at the Volkstheater & Werk X. 

Projects include two Snapchat Escape Rooms for Red Bull, Press Staat For Revolution and Libertalia 2.0 – two immersive shows about democracy for the Schauspielhaus Graz, Hotel Europe – a set of hotel room installations for the Green Rooms Hotel London, Sie & Wir by Isley Lynn for Werk X theatre, Götter der Dämmerung – a Neue Musik Game Theater for Alte Ope Frankfurt,  a dance installation for Ars Electronica Festival, and others. 

Ehmann has given talks and workshops at international institutions such as the F.R.O.G. Conference, University of Exeter, Austrian Cultural Forum London, Assitej, die Angewandte, internationale Theaterinstitut, ADK Regensburg, and others. 

He received the Dorothea Neff Preis 2017/18 together with his team for Wien 5 Kunst der Nachbarschaft and the 2016 Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger Preis for his multicultural theatre tour Jalla Jalla, Geh Ma! and was nominated for several Content Awards.

Currently he is directing STAHLSTADT an alternate reality soap on instagram, written together with teenagers, as an applied theatre project. Furthermore, he is artist in residence at GameStage Austria, EUNIC artist in residence at CrossCurrents Festival (USA) and in September starts the research phase for DIE SIEDLER VON SÜD-WIEN, a playful theatre experience in 3 residential estates in Vienna.

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