A site-specific-Twitter-path-performance-game. 

in collaboration with Isley Lynn and @mini_bett 

Welcome to your BetterMe session, where you are fully in control of your own destiny. This is the first step in our unique personal development programme setting you on your quest to a Better You. Don’t worry, The Ministry will be with you every step of the way.

The first in a set of two this immersive journey will have you travelling physically and digitally around the city, following instructions from The Ministry itself in the form of puzzles and games, in pursuit of a better Britain.  All you need is a Twitter account, a smartphone and a sense of adventure to take part.  Just make sure to be on your guard…

Part of Exeter Ignite Festival 2013

’…an ending that was a little like something out of The Prisoner. Great fun!’ – Sue Cade, Wildfire Review

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